Top 10 reasons why Engineers migrate to Australia

Top 10 reasons why engineer migrate to Australia
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Top 10 reasons why Engineers migrate to Australia

Australia is a developed country that encourages thousands of talented individuals to go there to provide a decent living, better infrastructure, good wages, and stunning climate conditions, every year.

Then, individuals help contribute to the overall growth of the country. People who have already moved to Australia are satisfied with their decisions and choices, leading to fulfilling lives.

According to the June 2019 edition of The Engineering Profession – a statistical overview, the census revealed that more than 58.5% of engineers in Australian labor were non-native. There are the top 10 reasons why Engineers migrate to Australia and behind the high demand for experienced engineers in the workforce in Australia.

Engineers are skilled human resources vital to the global economy and play a crucial role in facilitating the functioning of this modern era which is increasing in contemporary technology and infrastructure. This increases Australian immigration of Engineers by more folds each year.

Being at the forefront of technology, engineering technicians help make a huge difference in everyone’s lives by making new developments through various construction projects and meeting societal needs and responsibilities daily.

Furthermore, the landscape of technology-related initiatives is continuously changing, necessitating a significant demand for skilled engineers. Also, industry reports show that this need will undoubtedly continue to rise in the future years.

Scope of Engineers in Australia for 2022

Hundreds and thousands of Engineers migrate to Australia from different countries due to good job possibilities in the nation. Engineers are moving to Australia, accepting the reality that it is an established country with a strong reputation for establishing a good quality of life with the ideal work-life balance.

Many people dream about going to Australia as there’s the availability of well-paying jobs, excellent living facilities, and respectable work life.

Chasing an engineering degree is a prominent career path in Australia. In addition, engineering is a broad subject that includes academic, practical, and professional training to cover all aspects of the field. The advantage of engineering is that it could not open opportunities in various areas but can compensate well.

The Government provides low-cost or free health care from some of the most renowned hospitals. Provision of facilities related to Medicare from the Australian healthcare system, including free examinations, medical prescriptions, and costly treatment is given to Engineers.

Language is not a problem there as everyone speaks the English Language. That’s why it’s easy to see why engineers might want to go to Australia and live there. In the same way, below are the top 10 reasons why engineers migrate to Australia.

Top 10 reasons why Engineers migrate to Australia:

Australia is recognized as a country with an excellent reputation for building a solid infrastructure to welcome overseas talent. Migrant engineers have many job options inside Australia and with good reason.

A well-paying job, a high standard of living, and a creative mode of living are some of the attractive factors of this country. Due to these reasons, this country is regarded as the most affluent country in the world.

Furthermore, additional reasons to move to Australia are described below:

1. Employment Opportunity

An international study in Australia gives skilled personnel like engineers the provision of permanent residency opportunities if they go and work for them. For economic development, Overseas personnel is invited each year to aid.

Employment opportunity

We already know that Australia has a. We are already aware of the fact that Australia has a Skilled Occupation List (SOL) that includes most engineering jobs. According to Job Outlook Australia, 13,000 job opportunities are estimated by 2023 (2600 every year from 2018)

Globally recognized engineering firms and tech companies such as Shell, BHP Billiton, BAE Systems, AECOM, Grumman, and MMG hire masters in engineering management graduates.

2. Advances in technology

The engineering department of Australian universities is known worldwide for being pioneers in various sophisticated scientific areas, including industry-led development, and computing environmentally friendly waste management.

Infrastructure and technology are progressing at an expeditious pace. Engineers are mostly acknowledged and sought for these reasons. 

Due to Australia’s severe lack of engineers, the country is encouraging engineers from all over the world to migrate which indicates the demand for engineers in Australia is high, and the process has never been more straightforward.

3. Cultural diversity and multiculturalism

People with different religions, creeds, and nations attend Australian institutions that symbolize respect, tolerance, and cooperation.

4. Association with big industries

Through industrial training programs, universities in Australia connect their graduates to some of the biggest and most significant as well as renowned industry executives.

Further, under the Washington Accord, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection has made it easier to improvise academic qualifications by enabling students to attend more courses in Australia while working. 

Engineers in Australia

Due to this, immigrant engineers can easily earn a respectable career and an academic diploma. The educational system is more comprehensive than that of Asian countries. Students should perform internships as an integral part of their degree program. 

This helps students to develop a practical understanding of particular topics in class as well as to develop industry expertise along with expanding networks with professionals. The internships are converted to full-time jobs as well based on the student’s performance and talent.

5. No barrier to Language

Engineers Australia has made the English qualification much easier and more convenient for immigrant students by accepting TOEFL or IELTS. English is the official language; however, the country accommodates more than 260 languages, including indigenous languages. 

In addition, the Australian Government provides bilingual language programs for students who are not fluent in the English Educational system.

6. Experiential exposure

Internship opportunities are encouraged for undergraduates at universities to gain work experience in addition to their coursework. They are exposed to students from various countries, giving them creativeness, perspectives, and opinions, and wonderful opportunities to collaborate with the world’s most magnificent people. 

Migrant engineers are allowed to experience a variety of work environments, job roles, and projects to better understand the profession they’ve chosen just because of industrial training placements offered by many universities. 

Sometimes, universities help aspiring job seekers to obtain Engineers Australia accreditation and also as center managers which have greater value.

7. Higher NPV than other countries

Most top-ranked colleges offer a one-year Master of Engineering Management Degree. Due to this, students will have no trouble finding work.

These programs’ tuition prices are less expensive than those in developed countries like the USA, without sacrificing quality.

8. Shorter duration of courses

Rather than spending your life studying for higher qualifications, short courses can provide you an opportunity to update your skill set within a fraction of the time. This country provided students with this benefit as well.

9. Demanding profession

Engineering is the trendiest career in Australia. Australia provides individuals with specific expertise in high demand in the nation with an easy option to become an Australian permanent resident.

10. Grant of PR visa

PR provides you with local status in the nation, granting you to compete for any available opportunity on an equal footing with Australian citizens. So, they are allowed to seek citizenship after four years.

Average remuneration of an engineer

The main pivotal reason for engineers to migrate to Australia is the salary offered. Engineers in Australia often earn excellent wages and are in high demand. It pays to depend on the person’s qualifications, skills, knowledge, and experience.

The salary would be a considerable and prominent priority. Engineers in the Middle East and Asia would receive more salaries and have more flexibility in their working hours if they worked in Australia mostly in South Australia industriously. 

Engineers work 8+ hours every day with no financial reward. They feel that life would be more stabilized and satisfying in Australia, particularly in terms of finances and they are accurate.

Engineers with two to three years of experience are indicated as juniors, while those with more than five years are meant as seniors.

Engineer jobs in Australia estimated professional pay between AUD 48,800 and AUD 62,800 per year for recently graduated engineers or young engineers and between AUD 76,600 and AUD 1,62,000 per year for senior engineers.

Migration skills assessment

The migration skills assessment (MSA) program is normally for those applicants who need a skills assessment to apply to the Department of Home Affairs for a skilled migration visa. 

A skill assessment determines if you have the skills and experience necessary to work in Australia at the required level for your occupation. You must read the MSA booklet just to be approved by the program. You’re supposed to submit a set of criteria to Engineers Australia, which is listed below:

  • Details of the projects you’ve worked on during your career or internship.
  • To explain an engineer’s abilities, you can summarize them in an Excel table for Engineers Australia.
  • Make a summary that mentions what you use daily to keep up to date in the engineering field
  • Transcript of records of the courses taken in your career
  • Copy of the engineering degree or studies completed
  • Photocopy of passport
  • Curricular summary
  • Passport-size photograph

Here comes the stage when the Australian government body will evaluate your knowledge and skills. Your skill evaluation will be put forth to Engineers Australia as a competency demonstration report, known by CDR.

What is a CDR?

The Competency Demonstration Report, or CDR as it is more commonly known, is a technical document demonstrating that you are an engineer with knowledge and skills that meet Australian standards.

Engineers Australia (EA) certifies that your technical expertise and understanding of engineering are up to par and adhere to Australian principles for this purpose. The EA assesses your CDR to decide whether you are a good fit for the professional category you are applying for, which forms the basis for approving your immigration to Australia and increasing Australian immigration points.

Documentation such as a proper resume, a CPD report, career episodes, and a Summary statement is required. Following that, you must write a career episode in the first person and center on what you did and your performance as an individual in the specific case you are attempting to articulate.

According to its point-based system, you can earn credits in immigration procedures depending on various characteristics.

  • Age
  • Skilled employment
  • Sponsorships
  • English Language
  • Education Qualifications

 Moreover, we need to know about ANZSCO Code as well. ANZSCO is primarily a statistical classification that accumulates and organizes data about jobs and people. 

When classifying occupations, skill levels and specialization are taken into account based on the skills and profession typically required to perform the tasks within a specific occupation or in most occupations within a group. The definitions and skill level statements apply to the occupation as a whole, not the individuals working in it.

Know more about: Competency Demonstration Report(CDR): Everything you need to know 📑📑

Importance of CDR

The most critical areas of Engineering in Australia are Electronics and Computer Science. Programs linked to electrical engineering give scholars the fundamental mathematical and logical expertise they need to succeed in the area. 

However, computer engineering amalgamates the disciplines of electrical engineering and computer science. They play several responsibilities related to designing and developing computer architecture and other functions related to software and hardware.

Depending on the CDR report, Engineers Australia accepts or rejects your application to work in Australia in the Engineer profession. Engineers Australia is a cluster of engineers with substantial knowledge in the engineering industry. They approve the report once they are pleased with the technical competency levels. Hence you are supposed to write a competitive and reasonable CDR.

The Australian Government has already applied policies to promote immigration, especially for qualified immigrants like engineers. Since engineering is a complex technique, engineers are assessed based on specific criteria.

Ways to prepare it

You can download a free engineering assignment or CDR sample for reference. Or you can find the team there where you can get premium CDR writing services, and they help you to help each domain of engineers achieve the best results possible.

Ways to prepare CDR Report

Some documents you need to prepare a CDR are:

  • CV/Resume including (length and date of employment; the company’s location and contact information; brief description about the type of work you did with responsibilities; and your job title)
  • Career Professional Development (CPD) is needed.
  • Sections/Paragraphs help cross-reference while writing or reading summary statements. Career episodes must be written in the form of an essay

Preparing a CDR Report by yourself can be troublesome as one must work hard to achieve the desired result for a long time. Also, that can be poorly written or lack information that can jeopardize your chances of obtaining a Skilled Migration Visa for Australia. 


Australia is one of the best options for Engineering professionals which has already been justified by the Top 10 Reasons Why Engineers Migrate to Australia. You’ll get access to skills, knowledge, and post-graduate networks needed to advance your career and life.

Thus, you need a perfect CDR Report to get a positive migration skill assessment by Engineers Australia if you dream of working as an Engineer in Australia following previously displayed reasons.

Here, we have a good team of engineering professionals who have excellent knowledge of a wide range of engineering streams and use that knowledge to prepare special CDR reports, RPL reports, and KA02 reports by referring to the client’s personal and professional details.

Editing, proofreading, checking, and strict quality of removing plagiarism done by professionals to make your CDR Report effective by following ANZSCO codes.

Contact our professionals immediately in MigrationSkillsAustralia if you want a positive skill assessment from Engineers Australia. We strive to help each domain of engineers achieve the best results possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Australia’s minimum wage?

Australia’s minimum wage is comparatively high to other countries. Australia’s minimum wage is AUD 17.70 per hour.

How can students get great opportunities for study?

Australia has a splendid number of study options for international students with more than 1200 institutions and 2200 courses to choose from.

What are the visa categories under which engineers work in Australia?

There are 3 visa categories on which engineers work in Australia: 189 skilled and independent immigrants, 489 skilled and regional provisional migrants, 485 skilled and regional provisional migrants
Skilled or graduate migrants are eligible for the ‘Subclass 476’ with an 18-month visa, which is a work visa for engineering graduates who have completed their studies within the span of 2 years.