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We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones.

What is your normal turnaround time for CDR and Reports?
The project reports take 20-25 days approximately as a number of design and simulation creation is involved while the CDR creation takes 7 days at most. Generally, you can get your CDR and Reports done within 25 days after which you can get ready for lodgment.
What can you help with the skills assessment at Engineers’ Australia?
At our agency, you can book service related to preparation of CDR, Project Reports or both depending on your situation particularly. Additionally, the best part about our service related to CDR is that you can apply for any Engineering occupation listed within EA. The most recurring ones are Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Civil Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering etc. In addition to these ones, occupations such as Environmental, Aeronautical, Biomedical, Structural and others are also helped for application. We begin our services with project preparation and go up to the Lodgment help and Outcome grant.
What is ANZSCO Code?
ANZSCO is primarily a statistical classification that accumulates and organizes data about jobs and people. When classifying occupations, skill levels and specialization are taken into account based on the skills and specialization typically required to perform the tasks within a specific occupation or in the majority of occupations within a group. The definitions and skill level statements apply to the occupation as a whole, not to the individuals who work in it.
Why does Engineers Australia rejects CDR report?
When CDR reports fail to address engineering competency elements, Engineers Australia typically rejects them. Remember that EA has generally disqualify applicants who have failed to justify the explanations that EA questioned during the application process.
For ACS, do you help with Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) based applications as well?
Yes, we matter of fact have extremely well-trained IT professionals from various fields working for us. These specialists are tasked with the drafting of RPL forms as well as any other supplementary project reports for you. Hence, we do help with RPL based application with provided assurance of quality work.
Is the Process of Vetassess, IML and ACS similar to EA?
No. Each agency has a different process and requirements to be precise. When it comes to Vetassess, you have to fulfill requirements for each occupation that you choose. Based on the chosen occupation, you have to supply the asked documentation of employment and education. A similar kind of structure is followed by IML and ACS as well.

Do you have queries and want to consult with experts?

If you have further queries about our services then you can take consultation with our experts and professionals.