How to make an ideal CV for skills assessment?
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How to make an ideal CV for skills assessment?

Are you applying just for skill assessment, or would you like to get Engineers Australia membership? Do you want to get registered in the National Engineer register or want to study in Australia?

If yes, then you need to prepare a resume and cover letter. With an outline, one learns about different competencies you have and know about accomplishments you get in your respective field of study. 

 It shows the technical skills you have and also conveys industrial competencies, which can significantly result in turning decisions in your favor. 

Curriculum vitae should get prepared to represent your skills, indicating the better option in the occupation you’re applying for. The authorities will check the resume and only go through skills if it has been drafted engagingly.  

Additionally, along with CV, you need to prepare CDR Report as well in case you want to get Engineers Australia Membership. If you don’t have information about it, then you can follow this blog: Competency Demonstration Report (CDR): Everything you need to know.

If you are using the same and confused about your cv prepared, then here we will teach you how to make an ideal CV for Skills Assessment.

General guidelines for designing a CV

The complete guide for designing an ideal CV is given below:

  • Length of CV must be 3 to 5 pages
  • The font size must be either 11 or 12.
  • Use bullets or numbers to make your CV more readable.
  • Include your interests and hobbies with a brief description of your personality too
  • No grammatical or spelling issues, and write appropriate sentences
  • Note down descriptions briefly, and don’t skip any employment period
  • Use commonly available file formats like pdf or docs while emailing your CV
  • Mention your full address, phone number, and email address properly
  • Write the company name, the length of your employment, and the position you had there
  • Mention reference to the company’s website and description of the company with few employment opportunities and obligations related to your job role
  • Write references clearly, taking into account the permission with their name, job, and their details

Standard guidelines to make your CV Outstanding

  • Mention your details like name, contact, permanent and temporary address with an email address
  • Must not include excessive information that is not needed and also have references only when asked
  • You have to make your career objective short and precise.
  • Write the foundation pillars of your professional life, achievements, and accomplishments.
  • Include essential job tasks, roles, and competencies. A good CV can also include a short professional objective to clarify your goals.
  • Write your achievements, personal qualities, and skills.

Additional points for professional CV

Career objectives or statement

This one tells the accessor what inspires you and what is leading for envision. A career statement is one excellent chance to summarize the offers you can make to a potential employer.

Key competencies

Your accomplishments should denote your main talents, which must not depend on baseless assertions. You must note down all your skills and talents correctly.


You must write the name of your degree, the university where you acquired it, and the year it was attained or received in chronological order. The qualification will consist of all your academic years and current work experiences. 

You should not miss your most recent job experience in your resume, followed by your previous ones. A chronological resume allows employers to rapidly assess the worth of your most recent and relevant job experiences.

Professionals or authorized persons may spend a few seconds reviewing each CV, highlighting the most current information that guarantees that your experience is visible.

Referees’ details

Check that your referees’ contact information is up to date, including their current work titles, phone numbers, and email address. It is increasingly more typical for the name of referees to be handed out on request, allowing you to brief the referees upfront.

If you list them, do so, but make sure they are aware—select individuals who support you and can speak about your accomplishments and talents.

Australian CV Format, Order, and Layout

Below are the key takeaways that must appear on the ideal Curriculum Vitae. The order of these parts depends upon your discretion.

Curriculum Vitae

Australian CV Photo

By the rule of thumb, it is not the best option to include your photo in the Australian CV. If you intend to prepare your resume online or are in a creative industry where visuals are highly, then an image can be an asset.

Showcasing your personal details

You must include your name, address, email, and contact details in your CV inside the personal information in your curriculum vitae. It will allow you to share your skills, competencies, and attributes, which can help you get a considerable impression for approval.

Note: Do not indicate your age or date of birth, marital status, and photo of yourself. Because this information is personal and to avoid discrimination, unnecessary pieces of information should avoid them. 

Introduction: quick presentation of yourself

Write about your motivation in two or three sentences, as in the cover letter. The main idea is that your potential employer glances at it and decides whether they are getting engaged in your whole resume in a split second.

Employment history or Career highlights

Authorities will check the achievements you had in your life. That’s why you must include all accomplishments in various projects and companies. Do not miss any stats of respective highlights, as this can-do wonders for you. Sharing it in the best way possible can help you stand out from the rest and get the results in your favor. Do not hesitate to highlight what you contributed to the company in your previous jobs.

  • Specific dates of commencement and termination for employment history
  • Short overview of job positions with a list of tasks
  • Country of employment
  • Put all your job experiences in chronological order, with your most recent job on the top.

Education history and Career progression

You must state all the courses and training that helped you progress or pushed you to reach for your passion. You can give access to your career blog as well if you’ve prepared.  Do not forget to mention your education details that showcase your objectives and interests in engineering.

In principle, Education history gets listed as follows:

  • High school degree
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Advanced diploma higher national certificate
  • Master’s degree
  • PhD

You should include all the courses that help you enhance your knowledge and push you to achieve your desired destination. Education history will help authorities know about your ambitions in the engineering field and how you mastered them in the best way.

  • Specific dates of commencement and termination of education or training
  • Country of Education
  • Include your degree and any professional training you have obtained, such as internships

Outcomes of skills assessments

You should include this in case you had your skills accessed for migration. You should include the following:

  • Name and ANZSCO occupation assessed
  • Name of assessing authority
  • Date of outcome and whether it was negative or positive

Outcomes of English Tests

Include various English test outcomes from the exam:

  • The name of the test, E.g., PTE or IELTS
  • The results for each part of the test (speaking, listening, writing, and reading)
  • Date of the test report

Skills and strength

It would be best to align with the job based on your degrees, experiences, training, passion, etc. You can also add other certificates or diplomas, such as a driver’s license, RSA, etc.

In this section, you are supposed to include all your technical and personal skills. Include various languages you speak and your level of expertise. 

Hobbies and interests

You’re supposed to list important hobbies, but do not list all your hobbies. Your activities, passions, and commitment will allow employers to understand you better.


You include the people you previously worked with and their contact details. References will allow you to inform your authorities that they may get a call. Before adding them to this list, check if they agree to be a contact.

Remember, it is a visa application, not a job application.

If you’re considering migrating to Australia, you’ll need to obtain an Australian visa to work. If you’re thinking of maximizing your chances of success, we’ve put together some “need to know” points about presenting your CV for Australian visa applications.

Know more about: Competency Demonstration Report(CDR): Everything you need to know 📑📑

Tips and Rules 

Tips and rules to make an ideal CV for skills assessment

  • Length and Format

Provide dates in DD/MM/YYYY format. Include accurate dates in the governmental system format that indicates your eligibility for items related to the years of experience you accumulate throughout your life.

  • Title and Design 

The title will allow the authorities to identify for which position you are applying. So, Mention the place offered in the title of your resume.

For layout and visual aspects, apply the simplest ones. Avoid orderly extravagant colors and forms.

In the case of design, you can search online and get free resume templates online as well.

  • Terminology

Resume and CV are synonymously in Australia – they refer to the same document.

  • Language

Don’t forget to use correct Australian English instead of American spellings when writing your CV.

  • Be obvious and precise.

You are supposed to share your roles, skills, and competencies that help the authorities to get a complete understanding of your previous job experiences. You must include those which help you get the chance to work in the available sheets. But you should limit your information to 3 pages or keep it as short as possible.

  • Use some keywords

You can use specific available software to optimize your curriculum vitae which states about your engineering skills and the job you had that helped you make an impact.

In curriculum vitae, looking for words synchronous to your job responsibility is vital. The authorities will look for keywords that define your career, like Australia, Engineering, and more.

  • Projects

Mention all the projects you have engaged in your colleges or organizations. Projects will represent your capabilities and help you to get better results in your favor.

  • Ownership and registration

You have to mention details of ownership of licenses you have, like:

  • Registration or License name
  • Country from where you get recognition
  • An occupation that was registerer or licensed
  • Awarded Date

What not to include

  • Personal Statements or career objectives

Include the things you listed above; you don’t have to write about career goals or the hobbies you follow in your free time. Also, you will be required to provide proof of everything you claim in your curriculum vitae, so make sure it is 100% accurate and that you have supporting documents.

  • Vague dates are unacceptable.

Remember to format it in the best way possible. It would assist if you were accurate with the dates given for the number of years of experience. Otherwise, there’s a high chance of getting dismissed.

  • Improper formatting

You have to write your CV like a professional document. Improper formatting isn’t acceptable. You can present your CV technically, which is the best option for this error. 

Differences between the Australian CV and the European CV

First, you should know that the CV in Australia is often longer than you usually write. Whereas Resumes in Western Europe consist of two pages, Australian resumes can go up to five pages for a specialized position. Hence, do not linger to be precise regarding your personal qualities.

Australian CV does not include a picture of you, nor does it specify your age. In case of Australian CV, you can follow Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) booklet to prepare CV and Competency Demonstration Report.

Better to include a Reference Section that provides names of the previous employer who could recommend you.

You have to write your CV for which position you are applying for! Mentioning a place may seem logical but consider all experiences differently depending on your applying job.

Differences between a standard career CV and a perfect CV for engineers in Australia

For both, you have to mention the following:

  • Name and location of the organization, including all contact details
  • Date and duration of the employment
  • Your designation or position
  • Your defined role and the brief description


The main thing that Engineers Australia seeks in your CV is how well you have performed in the workplace and what projects you accomplished, including career projects. They view your roles and describe your activities, so they can know how well you get into their place. 

Going through this “How to make an ideal CV for Skills Assessment?” article, we can generate ideas for preparing a professional CV to get fast approval to be an Australian employer in the coming future. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Australia use a CV or Resume?

In Australia, CV and Resume get used interchangeably. So, you are free to select your word of choice.

How do I write an excellent Australian CV?

Essential things to keep in mind while writing your CV are that your CV should be more than 1 page, you should follow Australian English, avoid including a photo and customize your CV for your applying job.

What is the correct length for an Australian CV?

Most Australian hiring managers expect a CV to be more than 1 page long. An Australian CV should expand in the number of pages as the experience of the job applicant increases.

Should I put the address on my Australian CV?

While we recommend adding your current location on your Australian CV, adding the full address isn’t advisable. Avoid listing the street name and list the city and the state you live in instead.