Competency Demonstration Report (CDR): Everything you need to know

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CDR report

Competency Demonstration Report (CDR): Everything you need to know

Engineers wishing to migrate to Australia frequently have numerous questions about various aspects of the Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) for the Australian Skills Assessment.

We aim to answer some of this article’s most frequently asked questions about CDRs. A successful CDR submission is typically determined by understanding the basic CDR requirements and assessment criteria, and the article explains everything you need to know.

Let’s proceed!

What is a CDR report?

The Competency Demonstration Report, or CDR as it is more commonly known, is a technical document demonstrating that you are an engineer with knowledge and skills that meet Australian standards. 

Engineers Australia (EA) certifies that your technical expertise and understanding of engineering are up to par and adhere to Australian principles. The EA assesses your CDR to decide whether you are a good fit for the professional category you are applying for, which forms the basis for approving your immigration to Australia.

What are the Requirements of a CDR Report according to EA?

Engineers Australia is constantly committed to ensuring that only qualified engineers can immigrate to and work in Australia. To do so, EA has established immigration standards detailed in the Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) booklet, which is available online. 

Engineers Australia must meet the following criteria to assess skills using the Competency Demonstration Report pathway.

  • Information about you, such as your birth certificate, passport biodata, etc.
  • A current copy of your resume with details about your employment and education.
  • Evidence of English language proficiency
  • Certificates of education and enrollment, academic transcripts, or other documents
  • A letter of employment (s)
  • Three Career Episodes
  • The Executive Summary
  • Continuing Professional Education (CPD)

What are the components of a CDR report?

There are three components of a CDR report which get discussed below:

What are the components of a CDR report?

1. Career Episodes

Career Episodes are a critical component of the CDR report, as they provide detailed narratives that showcase an engineer’s engineering projects and experiences. Each Career Episode focuses on a specific period or aspect of the engineer’s career and should get based on a significant engineering activity or task.

When writing Career Episodes, it is essential to follow a structured format. Begin with an introduction providing context and background information about the project, including its duration, location, and organization. The introduction should also include the position or role held by the engineer during the project.

There should be 1,000 to 2,500 words in each career episode. Each career episode must include information about the author’s role and get written in the first person. To apply for skilled migration, engineers must select one of four categories. They are:

  • Professional Engineers
  • Engineering Technologies
  • Engineering Associates
  • Engineering Managers

This episode outlines the specific tasks, challenges faced, technical skills, and problem-solving approaches employed. In the subsequent sections, describe the engineer’s personal engineering activities within the project. It is crucial to highlight the engineer’s contributions, their innovative solutions, and the outcomes achieved.

To present your engineering experiences effectively:

  1. Use clear and concise language.
  2. Include relevant technical details and terminology to showcase your expertise in the engineering field.
  3. Demonstrate your ability to analyze and solve complex engineering problems and your proficiency in applying engineering principles and standards.

Throughout the Career Episodes, it gets recommended to include diagrams, charts, or other visuals to enhance the understanding of the project. These visuals can help illustrate the engineer’s contributions and the impact of their work.

Overall, Career Episodes allow you to demonstrate your engineering capabilities, project management skills, teamwork abilities, and adherence to ethical standards. Ensure to highlight your achievements and quantify them whenever possible, such as by mentioning cost savings, efficiency improvements, or successful project outcomes.

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2. Summary Statement

The Summary Statement is a crucial component of the CDR report that links the engineer’s engineering experiences in the Career Episodes to the desired competencies outlined by Engineers Australia. It concisely summarizes the engineer’s competency elements and demonstrates how they have met the required standards.

It is essential to carefully analyze the Engineers Australia competency elements to prepare an effective Summary Statement. These elements define the knowledge areas, skills, and attributes that an engineer must possess to meet the standards set by Engineers Australia.

In the Summary Statement, provide cross-references to specific paragraphs in the Career Episodes that demonstrate your proficiency in each competency element. Mention the competency element number and the relevant paragraph numbers from the Career Episodes

When writing the Summary Statement, use action verbs to clarify your achievements and contributions. Quantify your accomplishments whenever possible by mentioning specific outcomes, such as the percentage of cost savings achieved, the number of team members supervised, or the successful completion of the project within a tight deadline.

Ensure that the Summary Statement is well-structured and organized, making it easy for the assessors to review and understand. A concise summary should capture the critical competencies demonstrated throughout the Career Episodes.

3. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Statement 

The CPD Statement is a section of the CDR report highlighting the engineer’s commitment to continuous learning and professional development. The engineer has actively pursued opportunities to enhance their skills and knowledge.

In the CPD Statement, provide a list of workshops, courses, seminars, conferences, and other activities you have undertaken to further your professional development. Include the dates, locations, and durations of each activity. It is also beneficial to briefly describe each action and explain its relevance to your professional growth.

Your CDR report must include all pertinent CPD data in a tabular format, including time, date, duration, location, and organizer. The following information must get included in CPD in a list format.

  • Training Title
  • Training Date
  • Training Duration
  • Training Location

The CPD Statement should demonstrate that you have actively engaged in learning opportunities related to your engineering discipline. This statement can include staying updated with technological advancements, acquiring new technical skills, and enhancing your understanding of industry best practices.

To strengthen your CPD Statement, consider including any professional memberships, publications, patents, or other achievements that showcase your involvement and contributions to the engineering community.

How can I prepare my CDR Report on my own?

The worst risk of attempting to write a CDR on your own is a poorly written piece or a lack of information, which could jeopardize your chances of obtaining a Skilled Migration Visa for Australia. Thus, here are some practical tips provided by Engineers Australia (EA) that you should carefully study before attempting to write a CDR:

1. Your CV/resume comprehensively summarizes your engineering work experience and education. It should be something other than a list of projects you have worked on but a chronological list of your employment details. Furthermore, it should be at least three pages and must get presented in A4 format. It would be best if you mentioned the following for each workplace: 

  • The length of time and date of employment.
  • The company’s
  •  location and name, as well as contact information.
  • A brief description of the type of work you did and the job responsibilities outlined in the appointment letter.
  • Your job title.

Following that, you must include your Career Professional Development (CPD) in a listing format with at least one A4 page. Every narrative should be between 1,000 and 2,500 words in length. A career episode should also get written in the first person and center on what you did and your performance as an individual in the specific case you are attempting to articulate.

Each paragraph of your career episode should get numbered. Here’s the method you should use:

  • Career Episode 1 (paragraphs 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, and so on)
  • Career episode 2 (paragraphs 2.1, 2.2, and so on)
  • Career episode 3 (paragraphs 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, and so on)

2. These section/paragraph numbers will help cross-reference or read the Summary statement. There can only be one Summary statement that covers all three career episodes. Furthermore, a career episode must get presented as an essay rather than a table.

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How long does it take to write a CDR report?

Three factors determine the writing of the CDR report:

  • The quality of your project report.
  • Documentation such as a proper resume, a CPD report, career episodes, and Summary Statement is required.
  • On average, a professional writer would take 2-4 weeks to write up.


CDR Reports for engineering professionals are an essential component of Australian immigration. Writing a CDR report can be difficult because one must work hard to achieve the desired result for a long time. As a result, seeking CDR assistance for engineers in Australia from experienced and skilled CDR Report writers is preferable.

Migration Skills Assessment Australia is the best online platform to seek assistance if you are still looking for genuine CDR report writing services. 

We work with a team that can provide premium CDR writing services and strives to help each domain of engineers achieve the best results possible. We have a large group of engineering experts with excellent knowledge of various engineering streams. We use that knowledge to prepare particular CDR, RPL, and KA02 reports by referring to the client’s personal and professional details.

For more information on this technical report, visit Engineer Australia’s website and CDR blogs. Soon you’ll be on your way to your dream destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is migration skills assessment?

Migration skills assessment is for applicants who need a skill assessment to apply to the Department of Home Affairs for a skilled migration visa.

A skill assessment determines if you have the skills and experience necessary to work in Australia at the required level for your occupation. You must read the Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) booklet just to be approved by the program.

Through MSA Booklet, Engineers Australia disseminates all CDR-related guidelines and instructions.

What is the English qualification for Engineers in Australia?

Things are easier nowadays, made by the Australian Recognized Organization “Engineers Australia” for immigrating students. 

Engineers Australia accepts TOEFL ibt (Internet Based Test) or IELTS (International English Language Testing System) as a medium to address the competency benchmark exams for the English Language.

What are the Medicare policies workers get provided with?

i. Provision of free healthcare treatment by specialized professionals.

ii. Accommodation of public Medicare-registered patients in public hospitals.

iii. Discount of 25% for you on Medicare bills and fees