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Two Assessment Agency

We provide our services for different assessment agencies like Engineers Australia (EA) and the Australian Computer Society (ACS).

Engineers’ Australia (EA)

This assessment agency is dedicated for the skills assessment and registry of all the Engineers in Australia. In short, if you want to become a registered Engineer, get your migration skills assessment and replenish your skills as an Engineer, this is the agency you go to in Australia.

Our Services

In our services, the target area will be migration skills assessment applications (MSA). Migration Skills Assessment is the process at Engineers’ Australia where you are assessed for your suitability of qualification. Additionally, you can also get your professional engineering experience assessed for points.



Pathways of Skills Assessment

Engineers’ Australia has different pathways for doing the skills assessment for you and it all depends on where you completed your qualifications. The two pathways are called Accredited Qualifications Pathway and Competency Demonstration Report Pathway.

Accredited Qualifications Pathway
If the Engineering Qualification you completed from the University you studied is listed under any accords (Sydney Accord, Washington Accord, Dublin Accord), then you can easily get your skills assessed by submitting your degree and transcript to Engineers’ Australia for a minimum fee.
Competency Demonstration Report Pathway
If your university does not fall under any accord, it zeroes down to CDR based option. CDR means Competency Demonstration Report. It is a measure of your competencies as a professional engineer based on your academic or work profile (whichever you prefer). The CDR approach can be shown by the figure below.

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Components of CDR

Engineers’ Australia has different pathways for doing the skills assessment for you and it all depends on where you completed your qualifications. The three componenets of CDR are Career Episode, Summary statement and CPD.


Career Episode

It is a description of your Engineering activities related to your nominated occupation in a strict EA format to show your competencies. The career episode is based on a unique academic project or work-based project that you handled during your professional Engineering career. There are three such career episodes required each based on a unique project without any plagiarized content. The career episode must have all the technical activities of Engineering desired by EA to measure your competencies.

Summary Statement

The summary statement is prepared in provided format in tabular form by EA. There are various competencies listed in the table. For each listed competency, you will have to use parts from your three career episodes to dictate how you achieved that particular competency. In short, it is mandatory that all competencies should be fulfilled within the summary statement using the career episodes as a basis. That is the reason that the career episodes must have numerous technical engineering tasks well explained.


Continuing Professional Development

It stands for Continuing Professional Development document. In this document, you must chronologically list all your Engineering activities conducted during and after your bachelor’s degree qualification of Engineering. It can include any short online courses, Software training and other similar activities. This is an important document which shows that you have been keeping yours skills up to date with the current trend of activities required for a competent Engineer.

The skills assessment from TRA is an extremely complex process with different sets of requirements for each occupation listed there. Hence, it is crucial to draft the perfect documentation that can lead towards positive assessment for any TRA occupation.


Essential for CDR

In our view, the most essential aspect of the CDR is the Academic or Work-Based Project report based on which you prepare your CDR. That is your source that defines whether your CDR will have all the competencies necessary or not. One of the important aspects to note is your CDR must be absolutely plagiarism-free and unique. Thus, if your project report is plagiarism-free and unique, that reflects on your prepared CDR as well based on them. For three unique career episodes, you require three unique Project Reports as well.

Original Projects

The academic or work-based projects that you want to use for your CDR must be original in the sense of content. The uniqueness of the projects should also be there.

Technical Content

The technical content in your CDR must follow a hierarchy of writing direction that starts with the lower order technical task and finishes with analytical work or conclusion.

Zero Plagiarism

The point of zero plagiarism applies to both the Project Reports and the CDR submitted to Engineers’ Australia. There should not be any plagiarism in the original written content.

Models and Images

In your CDR, it must be proven with proofs that the tasks explained were actually done by you. The proofs can be multifold including Models, graphs and other relevant images.

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