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Institute of Managers and Leaders (IML)

The Institute of Managers and Leaders (IML) is an assessing authority for people working in senior-level management positions within the bounds of Australia. The government recognizes this body for the skills assessment purpose of different managers with the set parameters of its skills assessment criteria. For applying to IML, one must fulfill these criteria and cross-check his or her experience agrees to the available framework for the same.

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We provide services related to the consultation of different human resource and senior manager level positions-based skills assessment. This part is just the starting point only as the choice of profession usually comes with strict document preparation phase as well. That is our main work area where we help clients with our expert level documentation work required according to IML criteria set for each profession.

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Occupations Listed for Skills Assessment at IML

The occupations listed for skills assessment at IML are listed below:

Chief Executive (CEO)/Managing Direction (MD) - 111111
Corporate General Manager (GM) - 111211
Sales and Marketing Manager – 131112
Advertising Manager – 131113
Public Relations (PR) Manager - 131114
Supply and Distribution Manager – 133611
Procurement Manager – 133612
Human Resource (HR) Manager – 132311
Engineering Manager – 133211

General Assessment Criteria

The general assessment criteria for each of the listed management positions above is strictly restricted to the qualification required and experience. The first point is that the applicant must have the relevant bachelor’s or master’s degree to his/her nominated profession from the list above. If the degree is relevant according to the AQF framework, 3 years of employment in the field area is required as a minimum criterion to apply. If the degree is not relevant to the nominated profession, at least 5 years of relevant experience in the field area holding the titular position is required as a minimum criterion of eligibility. Apart from these criteria, there are specific criterion set for each position as well based on the document level required for the people involved. For that part, a scheduled consultation based on the chosen nominated position is better suited.

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