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Message from Dr. Joshi

This is Dr. Shankar Narayan Joshi specializing in all skills assessment case consultations related to Engineers’ Australia, Vetassess, IML, ACS, and TRA. For using my specialized consultation service, you will have to book a one-to-one consultation with me based on the options below.


1. VETASSESS/ACS/IML Case Consultation – 20 minutes

In this consultation, you will have a time of 20 minutes on the clock during which Dr. Joshi will take the details of your case, details regarding your current scenario and successively explain you about the possibilities of occupations in which you can apply. Bear in mind, you have to pre-book it due to the volume of requests we receive for this option.

What You Pay
  • 350 AUD for 20 Minutes Call Consultation with Dr. Joshi
What You Get
  • A review of your condition and case
  • Options about which occupations is suitable or not-suitable for you
  • Any options for skills assessment based on your profile
What You Pay
  • 500 AUD for Documentation Review
  • 350 AUD for 20 minutes consultation
  • Total: 850 AUD for the services
What You Get
  • A complete review of your documentation
  • List of errors (if any) in your documents
  • Complete

2. VETASSESS/ACS/IML Document Review followed by Consultation – 20 Minutes

This is the service for people who already have different sets of documents for employment and or Education and want to get them checked only by Dr. Joshi for any errors or misrepresentations. This will be followed up by a 20 minutes call consultation with Dr. Joshi where he will suggest you the errors in the documents, your optional needs and any other issue you want to get solved regarding your case.

Bear in mind that you must allow 2 days-time for document review after which you will receive a call and documented report of the review for your documents.