Document checklist for ACS skill assessment 2022

Document Checklist for ACS Skill Assessment 2022
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Document checklist for ACS skill assessment 2022

Are you getting worried about the needed documents for the ACS skill assessment?

If it’s true, then you can follow this blog, where all the document checklist for the ACS Skill Assessment 2022 is mentioned below, along with tips and some precaution ideas needed while preparing the ACS Skill Assessment. You’ve got to keep one thing in mind: submit the suitable materials at the exact time.

ACS (Australian Computer Society) is an authorized assessing authority for skilled engineers willing to migrate to Australia as qualified professionals selected by the Australian Ministry of Immigration.

As a skilled ICT professional, ACS seeks to identify applicants from ICT fields via skill assessments who have the necessary skills, knowledge, and capabilities to migrate there. 

Applicants must choose ANZSCO codes while writing the RPL reports. An applicant must select the correct ANZSCO code to be qualified.

After preparing your report, you’re supposed to submit all your documents carefully to avoid violating the ACS guidelines. Any misleading information can get you into trouble and cause a premature application outcome. Applicants must keep copies of the papers as well as the original certificates.

Different types of requirements are given below:

1. Understanding the Visa Requirements

The Department of home affairs has given all the options for a visa where. You can look for the one that suits you best. You need to consult professionals or experts for help in case you are unsure about the document for ACS. So, the Documents required for ACS are provided below or you can consult with the experts in Migration Skills Australia.  

2. Understand the Australian Computer Society Requirements

Please read the complete Australian Computer Society requirements provided properly to understand better the skills assessment guidelines and the criteria you must meet to qualify.

3. Understand the ACS application type

After properly knowing the ACS requirement, you must choose the ANZSCO code matching the occupation you are applying for.

4. Existing Applicants

If you already submitted your ACS form, you must log into your account maintained at the ACS forums before applying for another ACS application.

Eligibility Criteria for ACS skills assessment

1. Temporary graduates

A candidate who completed a bachelor’s degree or higher with a major in ICT is closely related to your nominated occupation. They don’t require experience.

2. Post-Australian study skills assessment

A candidate who completed a bachelor’s degree or higher with a major in ICT is closely related to your nominated occupation. Also, the candidate must have posted one year of working experience or have completed the ACS professional year program.

3. General skills assessment

Candidates who completed their tertiary ICT qualification and employment can obtain a general skill assessment.

Types of Application in ACS Skill Assessment for Migration

Mainly there are four types. These assessments have various procedures to apply for migration in Australia.

1. Temporary graduate subclass 485 skill assessment

If applicants complete their bachelor’s degree or higher education in Australia and want a 485 visa, they can apply for this skill assessment.

2. Post-Australian study assessment

If applicants complete a bachelor’s degree or higher education from Australia and want a general skill assessment for migration purposes, they can apply for a post-Australian study skills assessment.

3. Skill assessment

Skill assessment gets organized on a global basis for assessing ICT employment and also for tertiary qualification.

4. Recognition of prior learning

Those applicants who don’t have any ICT qualification or insufficient ICT must submit an RPL application. First, applicants must have at least six years of experience in the ICT field. 

Those who don’t have this qualification must have at least eight years of experience, but an additional two years of experience can be outside the ICT sector.

Document checklist for ACS skill assessment 2022

Applicants must mention the updated list of the required document checklist for the ACS Skill Assessment.

1. Personal Documents

i. Photograph

Applicants should click the photo they’re submitting within six months. Have to upload one recent passport-sized color photograph for the document. Self-taken pictures are not acceptable.

ii. Proof of identity

You have to provide evidence of identity minimum of one primary document and two from the given list.

  • Bio page of Passport
  • National ID
  • Birth Certificate
  • Driving license
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Social security card
iii. Curriculum vitae/resume

Applicants must submit their CV or Resume as this is optional, which can be very helpful in the skill assessment process. It would be best to submit your resume mentioning all your academic studies and drawing your employment profession in your own words.

iv. Change of name

If your name has changed, make the best provision of the documents supporting your name change to avoid inconsistencies in the future.

2. Qualification Documents: academic transcript and qualifications

Transcripts are considered the most reliable documents from the particular Institution that mention the course of study along with the final grades, i.e., achieved during your academic career as part of your educational qualification. 

If your transcript doesn’t have the needed information, you can provide additional documents to support your transcript or educational qualification.

Qualification proof comprises all the qualification transcripts achieved throughout the academic career. 

3. Certification or courses qualification

This section includes official documents authenticating the awards during the study. If you don’t have one, you can submit a provisional certificate or official Statement of completion provided by the Institution. You can get this one from the registering authority of the awarding Institution, will be accepted.

4. Experience documents: statement of service

This section is one of the pivotal parts of the document you must submit to ACS. While submitting papers, you are supposed to follow certain things given below:

Have to consider the Statement of service as the written report of your employment letterhead. Your supervisor or company manager must sign the employment letterhead content.

This one must mention the applicant’s name, working hours based on the week, your official position at that particular company, employment letterhead, details about the applicant’s role in the company, salary every week, and contact details.

If the applicant is self-employed, i.e., the applicant has a business related to the nominated occupational list and works together as an ICT professional, you must submit business registration details and an official statement declared by the registered accountants or legal phrases.  

5. Statutory declarations and affidavits

Statutory Declarations have to provide any information you cannot supply through your official documents, such as the description of the tasks related to the particular period of employment.

Statutory declarations need to be adequately accomplished by a significant legal professional in the country. Candidates need to look for appropriate legal advice.

Skills assessment can’t be judged based on the content of a statutory declaration or affidavit. Related information should be in the form of official documentation.

6. Application fee

Before submitting your application, you need to pay the correct fee. I need to check the Fees and Payments section for the Application Pricing List. For Australian residents, the application fee comprises GST for tax purposes. 

7. Australian visa

If you’ve mentioned any agent representative on your behalf, you have to include their name, signature, and signing date in the declaration form. To make your document look good, you can attach one photo on any copies and at least one ID document containing your full name and Date of Birth.

You must first read and then sign the Declaration on the application form to confirm that all the information provided is accurate, which makes the assessing process easy.

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4 Tips for Preparing ACS skilled assessment 

1. Aware of the criteria of the Department of home affairs

Before applying, the applicant must be mindful of the Department of Home Affairs criteria. If you want to know the requirements, follow ACS Skill Assessment Guidelines.

2. Choose the proper ANZSCO code

Applicants must go through the description of employment duties related to the ANZSCO field at least once while selecting the ANZSCO code. Make sure that all your qualifications and work experiences match closely with the particular field, then choose the code for the RPL application.

When choosing the ANZSCO code, you must prepare the ACS RPL report on that basis. To help you design the ACS RPL report, we highly recommend you write a service provider consisting of highly professional engineers such as MigrationSkillsAustralia.

3. Pdf file requirements
  • All the documents provided must be submitted in pdf format.
  • Each document should have the needed name.
  • The maximum file upload limit is 3 MB with no corrupt file. 
  • Applicants must rename all the documents to avoid confusion.
  • The document must not be encrypted or in read-only mode.
  • Upload original certificates

Applicants must submit high-quality color scans of their original certificates, Passport, resume, and license, with high resolution at 3000 dpi.
4. Translation of document

Applicants must submit their documents in the English language. You must translate in English by the record by an accredited English Translation. 

i. Translation of documents inside Australia

Inside Australia, translate your documents by National Accreditation Authority approved by Translators and Interpreters (NAATI).

ii. Translation of documents outside Australia

The translation is accepted if they are under the below categories : 

  • The Australian Education International Section, Ministry of Justice or Equivalent.
  • High Commission Consulate or Australian Embassy
  • Commercial or Private Translators or Award-winning Institutes 

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